Different Data Queries

Time Querie

When the searchword of Force Awakens compared to that of Rogue One, we found that in the year 2015 Force Awakens was searched far more than Rogue One, and in 2016 Rogue One was searched far more than Force Awakens. This makes sense because they came out in 2015 and 2016, respectively. However, compared to Rogue One of 2016, Force Awakens of 2015 was searched an increasingly higher amount.

Location Querie

Looking at the United States in particular, we found that the Force Awakens was searched an increasingly more amount than Rogue One. This pattern was true throughout most of the world, however, some places did not have data, possibly because the countries did not have access to internet or movies at this time.

Other Movies Querie

In our final querie, we compared the search history in the past 5 years of the two movies to the entire Star Wars Franchise. Interestingly enough, the search term "Star Wars" completely surpassed the search term "The Force Awakens", yet did not beat "Rogue One".

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