Describing our Findings

We found that the Force Awakens of 2015 was searched a whole lot more than Rogue One 2016. This presumably means that the former was more popular. Furthermore, we found that the Force Awakens grossed approximately 2.066 billion USD in the Box office while Rogue One grossed an entire 1 billion less, proving the assumption that the Force Awakens was in fact more popular.

It makes sense for the Force Awakens to have been twice as popular, since it was a long awaited continuation of the original Star Wars series. Rogue One, in contrast, was a spin off meant to keep fans satisfied during the year gap in between the releases of the Force Awakens and the newest movie, the Last Jedi, set to release in December of 2017.

In regards to some countries having no data towards the search, specifically China, there are often protocols taken by the governments to prevent Google from being used or being able to access this data. China, for example, has had a sort of a Google ban in their country. In addition to this ban, the government censors many other aspects of society, including Hollywood movies. Star Wars, for example, reached a falteringly low number of ticket sales in China due to a delayed release of the movie and the small amount of access that the residents have to search about the movie online, specifically on Google.

Finally, the reason why the search term "Star Wars" was far more popular to search than "The Force Awakens" is because the franchise as a whole is much more commonly known. However, in contrast, Rogue One was a spin off and therefore less directly related to the Star Wars franchise, causing less people to search the franchise rather than the actual movie title.

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by Kris Roos and Lexi Rowell